RAVE 2014 is over. It was AMAZING! We are so grateful to everyone who made this a success. There is a long list of people to thank and who made this event possible. It was a coming together of talented, dedicated people whose one goal was to make a change for the better.

We had a fabulous array of performances that included singing, dance, comedy (some of it unintended!) and moving, inspiring speeches by our trustee Sanat Rao and our Chief Guest Michael Tobin OBE.

Amongst things that did not go so well, we underestimated the number of volunteers we would need to get it all running smoothly and failed to notice that our “professional photographer” didn’t take any photos. Plan B is underway and if you were there and have some good photos, we’d love you to share them with us. Please email help@raindropcampaign.org – we will create a dropbox where pictures can be pooled.

The lovely people at FilmMyShow have created DVDs of the show that will help those of us who were running around backstage and never got to watch any of the show to relive it a bit in front of the TV. If you are a parent or guardian and were there and want to buy a DVD please contact us via the school your child was performing with.

We have already raised an estimated £4,000 from ticket sales, money from snacks and other donations. More important than money, we were able to highlight the bravery and plight of the children we are trying to help. If you were unable to join us on the night but empathise with our cause, then please consider donating on the link below. Every penny raised (and the gift-aid on top if you are a UK tax payer) is going to make life better for the children and teachers of our school.

Donate here

Thank you for reading, and for your support!

The night’s cast on stage for the big finale


RAVE 2014 was a raving success!